Block Island Sunset

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Photo Gallery

The 1661 Inn

The 1661 Inn: Ackurs

The 1661 Inn: Alcock

The 1661 Inn: Tosh

The 1661 Inn: Barker

The 1661 Inn: Deering

The 1661 Inn: Edwards

The 1661 Inn: Rathbone

The 1661 Inn: Simon Ray

The 1661 Inn: Staples

Mitchell Cottage

Mitchell Cottage:  Adrian

Mitchell Cottage:  Arthur

Nicholas Ball Cottage:  Colfax

Nicholas Ball Cottage:  Cassius

Nicholas Ball Cottage:  Nicholas

Guest House

Guest House:  Littlefield

Guest House:  Ball

Guest House:  Sprague

Guest House:  Mott

Guest House:  Dodge

Guest House:  Billings

Guest House:  Clark

Guest House:  Judd

Guest House:  Sands

Guest House:  Terry

Dodge Cottage

Dodge Cottage:  Honora

Dodge Cottage:  Darius

Dodge Cottage:  Joshua

Dodge Cottage:  Sophronia

Dodge Cottage:  William Earl

Dodge Cottage:  William Talbot

Dodge Cottage:  Alice May

Dodge Cottage:  Phoebe Ray

Dodge Cottage:  Kathryn Sullivan

Dewey Cottage

Dewey Cottage: 1

Dewey Cottage: 2

Dewey Cottage: 3

Dewey Cottage: 4

Dewey Cottage: 5

Dewey Cottage: 6

Anchor House

Anchor House: 1

Anchor House: 2

Anchor House: 3

Anchor House: 4

Anchor House: 5

Anchor House: 6

Hendrickson House

Hendrickson House:  1

Hendrickson House:  2

Hendrickson House:  3

Hendrickson House:  4

Hendrickson House:  5

Hendrickson House:  6

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Hendrickson House:  Apartment 1

Hendrickson House:  Apartment 2

The Narragansett Inn

Breakfast at 1661

Flaming Coffees & Wine & Nibbles

The Oar


1661 Animal Farm & Garden

Guest Photos


BI EARTHWORKS Photography by Ross Draper

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