Catering at Block Island Resort

To make a reservation, please call our reservations office at 800-626-4773 or 401-466-2421.

Special Events on Block Island

The 1661 Inn is much more than just a place to rest your head. Our unique collection of rooms spread across nine distinct venues on Block Island offers an unparalleled experience for visitors to the famed New England coast.

Our dedicated team has more than 25 years of catering and event planning experience.  We specialize friendly, personalized service to help you make your most important occasions memorable.  We offer a wide variety of catering and event venue choices for occasions ranging from intimate dinners a deux to weddings and parties for up to 400.

Our special events team offers the following:

  • Catering for events at The 1661 Inn, Narragansett Inn & The Oar
  • A reputable event planning staff that can provide you with guidance and advice
  • Venues for weddings, birthday parties, reunions, tournaments and retreats alike

Please call us at 800-626-4773 with any questions or to schedule a site visit.


2019 CATERING GUIDE (pdf file)

2019 BAR PACKAGES (pdf file)

2019 WEDDING PACKAGE (pdf file) 

2019 A LA CARTE HORS D’OEUVRES (pdf file) 

Thank you for your interest in our resort. We have the following options for special events:

We would love to speak with you today to learn more about your needs. Please call us at 800-626-4773 or email us at for more information today.



Q:           How many guests can your sites accommodate?

A:            THE 1661 INN:  seventy-four guests can be comfortably seated on the covered porch.


  • Interior Dining Room: up to 70 guests
  • North Covered Porch: up to 60 guests

Q:           Do we have a facility fee?

A:            THE 1661 INN:  $2,000.00


  • There is a $1,000.00 facility fee to utilize the porch, dining room and lawn. There is a $2,000.00 facility fee if a tent will go on the lawn.
  • Any event with attendance of more than seventy-five guests will require the rental of additional bathroom facilities.


  • There is no facility fee for events inside The Oar. The Oar has very limited capacity for events/large reservations.  You will need to make specific arrangements with our manager at that location.  We do not close to the public for events.
  • To have an event on the lawn next to The Oar requires a $2,000.00 facility fee.
  • Any event with attendance of more than seventy-five guests will require the rental of additional bathroom facilities.

Q:           Are we available for Off-Site Catering?

A:            We do not offer off-site catering

Q:           Is there a fee to have a ceremony on site?

A:            There is no fee for the ceremony. There may be additional charges for chairs, set up and break down.

Q:           May we bring in an outside caterer?

A:            Not at The 1661 Inn or The Oar.  The Narragansett Inn does welcome outside caterers.  You would be responsible for the facility fee and you would need to do the bar through us.  The caterer would have access to potable water, but would not have access to our kitchen.

Q:           What is the cost for bar charges?

A:            Please see our Catering Bar Information Sheet for current pricing.

Q:           May you provide your own liquor?

A:            For all events at any of our sites, you are not permitted to bring in your own beverages.

Q:           Do you have a minimum number of guests required?

A:            There is no minimum guest count required for our properties, although package pricing is based on a minimum of thirty-five guests.  However, the following minimum bill requirements (food & bar subtotal) apply:

THE 1661 INN:  $7,500.00


  • 30 guests or less: $3,000.00
  • 31 guests or more: $5,000.00

 Q:           Do you offer children’s meals?

A:            We are happy to provide a children’s meal such as pasta with butter, pasta with red sauce or chicken fingers for small children for your event.

Q:           What time may events start and end?

A:            THE 1661 INN:  Events may start at 2:00pm and must be over by 11:00pm. Outdoor music must end by 9:00pm and this time frame is strictly enforced.

NARRAGANSETT INN:  Events may start at noon and must be over by 10:00pm.  Outdoor music must end by 9:00pm and this time frame is strictly enforced.

               THE OAR:  Events may start at noon and must be over by 11:00pm.  Outdoor music must end by 9:00pm and this time frame is strictly enforced.

Q:           What is your Event Deposit policy?

A:            We require a $2,000.00 deposit to secure a date at any of our properties.  Your final menu is due about two months prior to your event.  At this time, we will provide you with a sample bill.  75% of the sample bill will be due at this time.

Q:           Do your rooms have minimum night stay requirements?

A:            Most weekends in May, June, September and October would have a two-night minimum.  Weekends in July, August and holidays have a three-night minimum.

Q:           Do you have any room rental requirements?

A:            For events at The 1661 Inn, we require that you guarantee the nine rooms at The 1661 Inn and the two rooms at the Mitchell Cottage.  These are our higher end rooms and when guests are splurging on a special weekend, they just do not want a party (even a smaller one) to impact their stay.

For events at the Narragansett Inn, there are no room rental requirements.

Q:           Can I create a room block for additional rooms?

A:            You may book as many rooms as you would like and our regular deposit policy would apply.  We do not offer discounted room rates.  If you choose to block/book rooms, you will need to provide us with room assignments and contact information for the guests.